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It's difficult to talk about something that is so unique, so profound and so incredibly beautiful in how it works and what it stands for.  It's equally difficult to talk about something that isn't very well known at this level of existence.  The Board of Knowledge . . . how can one describe it, and what it is?

Maybe it's good to start with what it is not?  The Board of Knowledge is not a "Board" of people or beings who are sitting there around some sort of table overseeing the bounds of knowledge in this Creaiton.  Nor is the Board of Knowledge intended only for human beings (quite the opposite, really), and neither was It designed, created or manifested by human beings.  While the Board of Knowledge provides knowledge it isn't something whereby a person approaches and the knowledge they need or want is then spoon-fed to them.

Instead, the Board of Knowledge is more like a matrix of Signs.  Special Holy Signs.  There are five Boards of Knowledge, and each Board contains a matrix of 36 Signs.  The Signs are written in a very special language that few people really know.  Yet, these Signs talk about a journey, a journey towards becoming everything that was intended to be from the very beginning of Time and Before Time.

The Board of Knowledge is "living" one might say, because It has Intelligence, and Thought, and knows and understands what is needed for everyone and everything to grow to its total and complete spiritual enlightenment.  It knows and understands the uniqueness of everyone and everything . . . me, you, our spiritual guides, the angels, Masters, and Archangels . . . It even knows and understands what is needed for a blade of grass to grow, or a tree or even a grove of trees.  It also knows what our pets need, the animals in nature and every other living being in this Creation.  It knows!

The Board of Knowledge is the ultimate Thought of God Divine.

So, why do we need the Board of Knowledge?  We need it because we need to grow.  We need to keep growing spiritually, but in the right direction for who we are - not only as a group or a collective, but more importantly as a unique individual with a unique journey.

You are here on this Earth for a very special reason, and no other person or being here on this Earth could possibly accomplish what you need to do and experience.  The Board of Knowledge can help us with this.  By receiving Signs from the Board of Knowledge, things open up for us so that we can come to understand what we need to know, or the direction we should go, or receive the knowledge we need to know . . . to move into the right direction, for who we are as a unique and divine being.

As alluded to above, the Board of Knowledge is well known on other levels of existence.  The extra-terrestrials have been using this for a very long, long time, as too have the Angels, Masters and Archangels.  All of the higher spiritual beings have been using the Board of Knowledge for eons of Time.

The Board of Knowledge is Ancient knowledge, but here on Earth we have only recently been given the gift of the understanding and remembrance of it as it was understood that humans needed something to help us grow and move towards our own unique spiritual enlightenment.

When receiving Signs from the Board of Knowledge, one isn't required to be doing anything in particular as the Signs are sent at a distance.  He/she could be going about their daily business, or perhaps taking time out and meditating while this is happening can be nice.  Sometimes when receiving the Signs a person experiences very noticeable energetic feelings, and perhaps sometimes even experiencing sensations of profound peace and contentment.  Sometimes though, some people don't feel anything, but is doesn't mean the Sign wasn't the right one, or that the Board of Knowledge isn't working.  Sometimes the changes we experience are so subtle that we don't notice it so readily . . . but, changes do happen . . . and experiences happen . . . and knowledge is gained, as is Wisdom.

The Board of Knowledge is offered for sessions of three Signs.  The three Signs are not necessarily given all at once, but generally over a few days.  This is to help allow the changes to settle in with the person, and for things to happen which need to happen.  Timing is very important with the Board of Knowledge, thus a Sign is only given when the timing is right (and the Board of Knowledge knows this!)

The fee for a Board of Knowledge session is $35, or can be combined with three Universal White Time Healing Distance sessions for a total of $85.  Payments can be made through Paypal or by Credit Card over the phone.

For more information on the Board of Knowledge, I invite you to call or contact me by email