Healing Services with Universal White Time Healing
Healings with Universal White Time can be done by both "hands-on" or by distance.  Generally, the preferred method of treatment is "hands-on" or in person, as it allows the healer to target more specifically where to place their hands for healing.  Besides forming  a special rapport between healer and client, a hands-on session will allow the healer to gain more insite to various different energetic concerns that should be addressed.  Placing one's healing hands directly on a problem area, will help the healer to connect more deeply with the problem and to target the healing that would be most effective.  As everything is energy, and we are energetic beings with many, many different layers, healing those layers helps to keep us healthy, happy, clear and grounded.  Using Universal White Time combined with the Golden Movement helps to repair any leaks or damage to the auric field, as well as cleansing the aura from external thought projections, negative energies, and negative debris.

Distance healing, which is most often used, allows more freedom for both healer and client - the client doesn't have to "be anywhere" for the healing, and the healer can send the healing whenever it is most convenient for them.  As well, there are some illnesses such as chronic fatigue, epilepsy, or cancer, that are treated more effectively in using distance healing. 

Situational experiences can also be given healing with Universal White Time.  Because this energy has intelligent properties, the healing will go to where there is the most imbalance, to the root cause .. in past time, present time, no time, and future time. When one has these situational experiences that need healing, then distance healing is the best way.  Often times, we can feel "stuck", and perhaps the reason may be because there are some energetic ties to an old karmic situation or old energetic ties.  Often times too, no one knows why a situation is the way it is .. but the Universe knows .. and requesting the assistance of Universal Forces for healing can bring about change.  Healing situational experiences doesn't always heal immediately ... sometimes we experience things because we're meant to ... because there is a learning within that experience that we must take in.  If this should be the case, that a learning experience is needed, then sending healing will help those learnings to come about.  However, if the situational experience is a result of past energetic ties that are no longer needed, then healing will go to all concerned so that release from those ties can come about.

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