What Happens During a Healing Session?  
by:  Channie Centara West
The patient and healer links up mentally when a healing-session is taking place.  The brainwaves of the healer and patient harmonize during the first thirty minutes.  This means that the brainwaves Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta are 90% active!  This is why the first thirty minutes are the most important.  Normally, "hands-on" healing is given for fifty minutes; "shoulder healings" for fifteen - forty minutes; "distance-healing" three - twenty minutes; "animal Healing" five - fifteen minutes; "emergency-healing" (administered at the scene of an accident), ten - twenty minutes; "light touch" healing (laying your hand gently on someone's shoulder or shaking hands) from one second - one minute.

The healing force enters the healer through the Crown Chakra at the top of the head.  The force travels a little distance below the heart and then travels up to the heart, from there it continues up into the arms and out through the hands.

During "hands-on" healing the healer places his/her hands on the patient's body in a predefined pattern, although there is always room for improvistion.  The healing power is secured in the patient by the closing up of certain energy channels, especially under the feet.  This ensures that the power is not drained from the patient, but will instead be used by his/her body.  Some outlets, mainly arms and toes, are left open, so that the patient can gather force from nature.  A stroll in nature is recommended after a healing session!  This increases the effect and secures a more permanent result.  It should be pointed out that the patient would not gather negative energies during such a walk.  The energy in the patient's body keeps on working for up to two weeks when "hands-on" healing is given.  Naturally, this depends on the severity of the illness that the patient is experiencing.  A very sick person uses up the healing power faster.

"Shoulder healing", lasts for about three days, distance healing for two days, animal healing a week, emergency healing one to seven days and light "touch" healing from a few hours up to a day.  Hopefully, the healing power takes effect and heals during its "lifespan" in a patient's body.  The patient then returns to the healer and gets a new dose of healing power and so the healing continues.  It is recommended that a White Time healer gives no more than ten healing sessions to a particular patient.  If nothing has happened after ten sessions, the healer should tell the patient that he/she must decide if he/she wants to continue the treatments.  Maybe Karmic laws stand in the way.  It is the responsibility of the healer, not to go on taking a patient's money for a treatment that does not help him/her.

When using distance healing, the healer cannot only heal a patient but also situations.  A White Time healer can also ask the higher spiritual forces and receive answers in the form of "yes" and "no" during distance healing.  The healer can also, provided it does not interfere with karma, change a "no" to a "yes", if he/she heals a situation.  The healer will know if karma is stopping the healing, since the healing power simply won't start to flow or is cut-off!

A healer using Universal White Time healing also has knowledge about the universal force called "The Golden Movement".  This particular sort of healing is made by higher spiritual beings, extraterrestrials and light-beings for all humanity.  These beings have a deep belief in the "All in its Whole".  Their beliefs say that all beings are unique and that we all carry a power unique to each person.  Humans and all other beings are a small part of the "All in its Whole" in which the Deity also is a part.  You do not have to believe in anything higher to practice Universal White Time Healing, but it is to no disadvantage to do so.

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