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Hands-on or In Person Healing Treatment:

In the Vancouver, Canada area, please contact me to arrange an appointment.  An in person healing treatment will vary depending on which Healing Package you are wanting.  Most treatments though are approximately 1 1/2 hours.  After a hands on healing treatment (as with any healing treatment), it's most beneficial for you to take some time to walk outside in nature if at all possible.  If not, taking some quiet time for yourself is extremely helpful in your healing process as well.  As indicated in the articles on this site, White Time healing will stay within the body working and healing for a period of up to 30 - 35 days.  During the healing treatment, I may use a variety of White Time "tools" including the use of Light Tubes which will continue to work in the body for up to 3 months.

As well as Universal White Time Healing Sessions, I also offer healings with Crystals and/or Precious Gems.  As everything is energy, so too are crystals and precious Gems.  Each crystal and gemstone variety has it's own distinctive vibration and tone.  What they come with though, are unique relationships with our Planet, Mother Earth and how it is that She is connected to everything in the Universe.  On their own, one might not be aware of the healing potentials of any given crystal or gemstone, however .. with the knowledge given through the teachings of Universal White Time Healing, a healer can incorporate the assistance of crystals and gemstones to provide a unique healing experience.

Please click on this link to view the various Hands-On Healing Packages offered.

Please click on this like to view the various Hands-On Crystal Healing Packages offered.

Distance Healing Treatment:
Distance healing can be done wherever you are in this world or outside of this world or whatever dimension you happen to live on!  While it isn't necessary to meet up at a specific date and time for the healing treatment, it can be arranged if you choose to consciously experience your healing session.  As mentioned in the articles on this site, distance healing can be used to treat a variety of physical, mental or emotional conditions, as well as situations, and events.  If healing is for a physical, mental or emotional condition, the White Time will remain in your body working and healing for up to a period of two weeks

Please click on this link to view the various Distance Healing Packages offered.

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