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The Protection Symbols below were given to Channie Centara Cha by highly spiritually advanced Extra-terrestrials.

When using these Protection Symbols,
please treat them with love and respect.
Alliance Protection Symbol
This is the newest symbol that has been given to humanity.  It stands for the protection inside of the Alliance for Good and the New Light.  It can be used as it is, or a person's name and/or photo can be inserted into the small centre ring.  It protects the person from those who are outside of The Alliance (evil in all it's forms - physical and non-physical, emotional, persons, and other energies.)  One might want to carry the symbol with them, or perhaps place it above the headboard of the bed while sleeping.

Provides protection from spiritual negative forces.  The big red dot represents the Highest Light, or the Central Sun.  The four small black dots represents the four Lightest Planets that surround the Central Sun.  The red triangle represents knowledge.  The two red lines coming in at an angle provides an entrance way in, and the black enclosing cirlce means that the entrance way is closed.  This symbol can be used along with Ling Oaou, and can be placed almost anywhere - keep it on your person, or perhaps place it behind a picture.  Do not place the symbols behind anything red, as red shields all energies.
Ling Oaou
This symbol provides protection from physical negative forces.  One may want to carry this with them, or perhaps keep it in the car.  Perhaps use both this symbol and Tzitzan to provide protection from bad dreams.
With this symbol you build a defense  against negative forces, both physical and non-physical.The Red Pyramid represents wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is open to non- physical beings. The White pyramid balances all the negative energies.It clears the physical energies.With this symbol your knowledge is greater and it balances.The two red lines at the bottom represent Strength and Power.This symbol opens up for knowledge, power, strength, and balance with the "Wholeness.'" You can stand in the midst of darkness with out being contaminated by it. Apart from our other protective symbols,you only have to picture this symbol for your self and it will give protection.Other symbols must be carried, of course, this symbol can be carried to!.