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While Earth and this Universe is undergoing it's spiritual evolution, most of the time we experience wonderful feelings, wonderful events and wonderful experiences.  Sometimes though, some things happen or we find ourselves in places and spaces that aren't so wonderful .... that sometimes are rather uncomfortable.  Sometimes these unpleasant experiences can even cause physical illnesses or symptoms of illnesses where no illness can be found.  Sometimes it seems that everything we try to do to change a situation just doesn't have any effect - thus we're left feeling rather frustrated and perhaps feeling at a loss of what to do.

There are many things that we can do to help ourselves, and even at the same time to help others and Mother Earth.  Channie has just released a very special "KIT" for us to use for this purpose.  This KIT will help us to reach the right frequency for ourselves and others, thus bringing ourselves, others and our surroundings in better physical health, better psychological health, and better harmony overall.

The way this KIT is designed, if you choose to do this, it is best if you find a block of time of about 14 - 17 hours to do all of these steps.  The steps don't need to be done immediately after the other, but as long as they are all done within a 17 hour period.  By doing this KIT, you will reach into a Higher Vibration than your own and by reaching out to the Whole Blue Creation, you can help others and things around you that is also needing this Higher Frequency. 

You may feel some effect from doing this KIT, and perhaps it can even feel a little bit weird or strange.  If this happens, that feeling will only linger for about one day, but after that you should be feeling stronger, more vibrant and healthier.

CLICK on the links below to download the KIT.  There are five steps to this KIT ... please remember to do them all within a 14 - 17 hours period.  If you have any questions please contact me at   To download these files you will need Adobe Reader.



STEP Three



      A Continuation with Advanced Kit Work update: Oct 18/08


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