Universal White Time Healing Workshops

Caroline Lillico (Ashaka) as a Universal White Time Healing (UWTH) Assistant Head Teacher, has been trained and authorized to teach the following:

UWTH NEW Initiations (see below) ~*NEW*~
     ~ UWTH Level 1
     ~ UWTH Level 2
     ~ UWTH Level 3
     ~ UWTH Level 4
     ~ UWTH Teacher Level 1
     ~ The BEYOND Levels 1 & 2

For details on each UWTH training level, please refer to the links at the side.  All UWTH Classes are held in person, and cannot be delivered online.  UWTH Level 1 & 2 classes are a 2 1/2 day workshop, UWTH Level 3 is over three days, and UWTH Level 4 is given over 5 days.  UWTH Teacher Level 1 requires three full days of instruction and initiation.

All classes have a specific requirement of a certain number of people, therefore workshops are designed around need.  To be placed on a waiting list for a level you wish to take in, please email me with your details.

If you are interested in UWTH but have not had a White Time session, I would be happy to arrange a special in-person session with you so you may experience this first hand how this magnificent energy healing feels.  The session would be about 2 hours and include a consultation afterwards.  The fee of $100 would be put towards the cost of your UWTH class, if taken within three months of the healing session.

The BEYOND Levels 1 & 2
These classes are perfect for people searching for more spiritual knowledge. Channie tells us that the most important thing we can do right now is dream and wish for things we want to experience ... not quite DO all those things maybe on this Earth, but dream and wish for them.  Those dreams and wishes represent all of that which we as individuals want to experience ... and had wanted to experience since the beginning of ourselves in not only this Creation, but Beyond, Before and Beginning.  There was a wish ...

In experiencing those wishes, we, just like the Beyond, Before and Beginning, empty ourselves out to prepare ourselves for the Return to the Divine Prime.  Our individuation from the Beyond, Before and Beginning was all part of the Plan at the onset of the higher Levels of the Game ... and it was through our unique individuations that It knew from Its own understanding of Itself that It could achieve the Highest Level of Everything.

As we let go of the dramatic entanglements of our human experience, we come to connect with our Higher Possibilities in understanding the most simplest expectation of our uniqueness.  Dreaming and Wishing in turn releases us even more to reach further and deeper to create and experience what we hold most dear within our Hearts.

So, allowing ourselves to ... just dream and wish with childish enthusiasm and simply relish and enjoy being in that knowingness of Truth.

Studying these courses is a spiritual journey ... a journey to the Beginning of Everything There Was, Is and Can Be. 

The Beyond 1 & 2 are generally held in physical classes, but mostly are available online.  The course material is emailed to the student, who works through the material on their own time.  Supplementing this, there would be at least two teaching sessions conducted on SKYPE.  The cost of Beyond 1 is $350 USD and Beyond 2 is $550 USD.  As these two courses are highly complimentary, it's encouraged to take both and offered at a combined cost of $800 USD.  For more information, please drop me an email to

The Universal White Time Healing New Initiations

The following is an excerpt from Channie's newsletter ....

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"Mother Earth and Humanity have gone through big changes since Universal White Time Healing was first presented on Earth in the beginning of 1950.  This healing energy was first only presented to Contact Persons for the Extraterrestrials here on this planet.  I was born in 1961 and started to study Universal White Time Healing in 1968 and completed the Higher School of Knowledge and their levels in 1973.  During my early years of doing healings, I experienced changes of hand positions both in the beginning and in the end of 1970.  When I was educated as a Teacher from 1976 to 1979 in the different classes and levels, there were also changes occurring within the healing.  It was in the middle of the 1980's that I was given completely new Teacher directives and changes within the Initiaitons.  This was occurring while we still were only teaching the healing to contact people.  In the beginning of the 1990's, humanity was changing as well as the chakras within a human.  Universal White Time Healing was now open for all humans.  Time has moved forward and humans have grown in their spirituality and have come far from that beginning.  It is time now to upgrade the force, the White Time Energies that have to do with healing within the people here on Earth.

On the higher levels, the upgrading has already begun.  It has started with the "Wholeness" that surrounds us.  A massive upgrading has happened in the force field of White Time and the white tunnels both on and around the planet.  These parts have already been upgraded.  Even Mother Earth specifically and on a deeper level has been upgraded with White Time.  Now it is time for those who personally use White Time as Universal White Time Healing to be upgraded as well as their force.  The force that works through us must be allowed to have its full potential and flow freely in the best ways when we work, otherwise there is a risk that the force will become 'jammed up' and leads to a feeling of frustration, because we know that we can do more then what we have access to with the full force.  The New-Initiation that can be done either close or from a distance, solves this problem and creates a perfect flow.

What happens with the New-Initiations?  The New-Initiation upgrades us and our chances to perform a high quality forceful healing session with White Time.  It also upgrades our full spirituality in many other ways.  When the Initiation is done, it opens up blockages like is done with all the other class Initiations within Universal White Time Healing, but in this case, the New-Initiation, removes 42 blockages!  It is also an upgrading of 30,000 Steps!  This upgrade is a very big booster for our total general spiritual level.  The best thing about the New-Initiation is it replaces all the old initiations, all the upgrades that have ever been done, through all the classes in Universal White Time Healing that a person has gone to.  Everything is replaced by a new flow of the force of Universal White Time Healing.

The Ultimate Well for White Time is the same as always in The Beyond with The Original Sun's White Time Ray.  When the White Time Ray reaches us here in our Blue Creation and this Universe, the White Time Ray becomes by the Well Universal White Time.  On the other side of the Well, the Ray of White Time gives us Universal White Time Healing, where every hearler has their unique connection and funnel to receive it.

Sadly enough, there are some places on Earth where Teachers haven't done or still don't do a good job with their Initiations.  They are doing them wrong, very sloppy and perform it too quickly to just get it done.  Sometimes the Signs or Symbols are done wrong, some important sentences or words are forgotten or said at the wrong time.  The New-Initiation cleans away the mistakes and all that was not properly.  It replaces everything with perfection and balance that gives the ultimate harmony for the performer of Universal White Time Healing.

The New-Initiation will be given out specifically to the different levels of Teachers.  This means that the different categories of Teachers will have a different New-Initiation that they will perform to open the students they need to open up.  As an Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing on Earth, I Channie West, have one form of the New-Initiation, while the Supreme Teacher for instance that is directly under me in 'my position' has another way and layout for the Initiation with other Signs, etc., for the level they work on and for their students.  A Supreme Teacher cannot initiate ''me" one step upwards, but can initiate everyone below the level that they are at all the way down to ordinary students at Level 1 of Universal White Time Healing.  The person who receive the New-Initiation cannot give it or perform it on others that are on the same level as they are.  Meaning, a Supreme Teacher cannot initiate another Supreme Teacher.  A Supreme Teacher can though initiate all the other levels below them, such as Head Teachers, Assisting Head Teachers, High Teachers, Ordinary Teachers for Levels 1 - 4 (if they themselves have had that education).  They can also Initiate Students Levels 1 - 4
The Universal White Time Healing New-Initiations are for both Teachers and Students alike.  As my education level in UWTH is as Assisting Head Teacher, I am able to provide the New-Initiations to all Healer Levels 1 -4, Teacher Levels 1 - 4, and High Teachers.

Any UWTH healer wanting the New-Initiation is automatically approved, but must provide me with their latest level of UWTH education and the name of their teacher.  The cost for the New-Initiation is held at $115.00 USD.

If a UWTH Teacher is wanting the Teacher upgrade, there is an approval process that is required.  There is some special paperwork that would need to be completed and sent along for approval.  While waiting for approval, it is recommended that those teachers conitnue on with their teaching work, as these classes are very important.  the cost for these Teacher upgrades is $500.00 USD.  For more information on the UWTH Teacher upgrade, please contact me directly.

For your New-Initiation upgrade, please contact me to arrange a time that fits both our schedules.  It would be best to do these initiations in person, but if that is not possible, the next best solution is via Skype using video, and if video is not available, voice only would be okay.  The last possible way is by telephone or by distance, which would still require some sort of contact by voice.

For more information or to receive your New -Initiation, please contact me at