Universal White Time Healing Level 1
UWTH Level 1 is the first level of training in this healing energy, and it is a beautiful and wonderous experience in and of itself.  This first course teaches the student some basics in regards to this energy and how to use it, but it also goes into more detail regarding the history of Universal White Time Healing, The Golden Knights, the Sea of Creation, the Golden Movement, and Six-Point Systems.  Most importantly though, the student, in this level, becomes connected with the Force of White Time for healing.  Through this, 13 big blocks are removed which enable the student to take in the knowledge of Universal White Time Healing, and the connections to that Force.

Here are some things you will learn in Level 1:
-  More about the history of UWTH;
-  UWTH Hands-On or Contact Healing Techniques;
-  How to do Distance Healing with UWTH;
-  How to do Self-Healing;
-  How to give Light Touch Healing;
-  How to give Shoulder Healing;
-  How to Balance the Chakras;
-  How to Cleanse the Aura;
-  How to give Healing for Headaches;
-  How to do Accident Scene Healing;
-  How to give Healing to Animals;
-  How to give Healing to Mother Earth;
-  How to give Healing to the Weather, Food, Water, Plants, and other "matter";
-  The Golden Movement - How to do this, some history on the Golden Movement, and some unique uses of it.
-  and much, much more!

With all of this training in UWTH Level 1, the student has the opportunity to learn more about themselves as a healer, and how it is the UWTH can become a way of life!

There are no requirements for a person wanting to take UWTH Level 1, but it is recommended that the student reads Channie Centara Cha's two books, "My ET Diary", and "My Angel Diary".  Reading these books will help a person to understand UWTH better, to understand White Time better, to learn more about what is in the Universe, and possibly ... more about themselves!

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