Universal White Time Healing Level 2
UWTH Level 2 is just as wonderous and amazing as Level 1.  This course is an "advanced course" in Universal White Time Healing.  In this way, the healer begins to work with creating with the Mind.  In particular, "Light Tubes" are introduced, which are effectively containers of Light used for healings and in other ways.  Light Tubes are an important piece in healings, as they in a way, maintain the adminstering of healings well beyond the time we do the phyiscal healing.  In Level 1, students begin to learn how to use some symbols, but in Level 2 the healer/student now uses them a great deal.  More and more, as the healer/student progresses through their training and practices UWTH, s/he becomes aware how unique and how wonderful UWTH can be a way of life!

Here is a brief list of what the healer/student will learn in UWTH Level 2:

-  Meditation on the Well of White Time;
-  How to work with White Divine Blessings of Light;
-  Light Tubes (how to make them, and how to use them in the body and other applications);
-  How to make Light Walls;
-  How to clear negative energies by using Light Walls;
-  Total Balancing of the Body with ESE;
-  Advanced Chakra Balancing;
-  Emergency Chakra Balancing;
-  Advanced Aura Cleansing and Healing;
-  More Distance Healing Techniques;
-  How to detect and seal leaking energies in the Body;
-  How to do more Grounding in your Healings;
-  The Golden Movement - Part 2

Prior to taking UWTH Level 2, the healer/student must of completed UWTH Level 1.  At this point, it is highly recommended that the healer/student read Channie Centara Cha's two books, "My ET Diary" and "My Angel Diary".

Once the healer has completed Levels 1 and 2, the healer/student is now ready to take a further step into the Higher School of Knowledge in UWTH Levels 3 and 4.  If the healer/student is wishing to further their career in UWTH and take these levels of training and knowledge, it is at this point highly recommended as well to study Channie's transcripts called "Not of This Earth".


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