Universal White Time Healing Level 3
UWTH Level 3 is the first step in the Higher School of Knowledge.  In this level of training, there are 72 blocks opened up related to dimensional seeing, psychic abilities, light-seeing, heavy-seeing and so much more

Here is a brief list of what the healer/student will learn in UWTH Level 3:

-  Aura Seeing, and where things are in the Aura
-  Understanding the Aura and its many layers
-  How to scan the Aura
-  How to heal the Aura
-  Cleaning the Aura of Negative Memories
-  Advanced, Deep Aura cleansing
-  Scanning with the hands
-  Scanning the Vertebrae
-  Straightening the spine
-  How to ground people at a distance
-  How to create and work with Light Tubes on distance
-  Working and Healing with Color
-  Working and Healing with Geometrical Shapes
-  Basic Crystal and Gemstone Healing
-  How to balance both sides of the body
-  Tape Healing
-  More Protection Methods
-  More symbols to work with
-  The Golden Movement Part 3
-  Much, much more!

This workshop includes all initiations and upgrades.


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