Universal White Time Healing Level 4
UWTH Level 4 is the second level of the Higher School of Knowledge.  This course is more about one's spiritual development, but in a much higher way.  What is given to the student are tools and openings to help the student grow more in a spiritual way.  Through these teachings and openings, the possibilities for the student is limitless ... and continues on well after the course is finished ... and throughout one's life.

This course is taught in 5 - 7 days, and throughout those days there are several initiations as well as so many hidden initiations.

Here is a brief list of what the healer/student will learn in UWTH Level 4:

-  The importance of Faith & Gratitude
-  Healing Fears and Negative Programming
-  Having Loving contact with Self and Others
-  Love as a Force
-  Exercises and meditations to increase one's Spiritual Understanding and Awareness
-  Connecting with Nature in a much deeper way; Mother Earth, Trees, the Sun, Animals, etc.  Meditation with the flow of Nature.
-  Ceremonies you can do on your own, for others or in connecting with Higher Spiritual Beings.
-  Connecting with one's Soul and Spirit
-  The Inner Light
-  Learning about the pattern behind Life Itself
-  Enjoying Life
-  Levels of Enlightenment
-  Connecting with Guides and how to get help
-  Helpers of Mankind
-  Getting help to Bless someone
-  How to cut and heal Negative Cords
-  How to cleanse and clear the Chakras in a very deep way
-  How to remove past life weapons in the auric field
-  How to clear fears and anxieties
-  How to remove negative implants and chips
-  Working with the Highest of the Highest
-  Your Etheric Body and how to use your Etheric Fingers in healing
-  How to work with Wings for healing and other things
-  Double Healing - Two Healers using Wings
-  Aura Healing and learning to give Rays from your entire being
-  How to heal with your Entire Body
-  How to heal 50 - 500 people at a time
-  Powers of the Universe using Crystals and Gemstones
-  Earth Flowers and Ocean Flowers
-  Colors and Illnesses and How to heal using Color
-  Meditations for your Harmony and Spiritual Evolvement
-  Meditations on Aragone and other Higher Planes
-  Travelling with the Soul at night to Temples and special places in our Universe
-  The Golden Movement part 2
-   and ... so much, much more!

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